diciembre 29, 2011

Carta de Jonathon Porrit a la generación Y

Actualmente estoy trabajando en Forum for the Future - organización co-fundada por Jonathon Porritt- y he tenido la suerte de ver parte de los archivos, asi como la estrategia de comunicación offline y online; actual y de los próximos años.

Encontré una carta dirigida a jovenes de la generación Y & Z. Me gusta como cuestiona el legado de los Babby boomers, asi como su enfasis en el trabajo multigeneracional y el evitar a toda costa el caer en pesimismos catastroficos que solamente paralizan y no activan.

Aqui la carta, espero que la disfruten tanto como yo;

I shudder to think just how angry young people are going to be when they wake up to the full extent of my generation’s negligence. If you subscribe to that uplifting aphorism that "we do not inherit the earth from our parents, but borrow it from our children", then we really screwed up.

Having spent the last 20 years or so in outright denial about the declining state of the world, we've now leapt in one fell swoop from denial to despair. More and more leading scientist involved in the climate change debate are claiming that it may already be too late to stabilize emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases at a safe level – i.e. a level that doesn’t trigger runaway ‘dangerous’ climate change. Having stolen their future, we are about to steal whatever reasons to be hopeful young people might still have.

I rather hope that the 54,240 ‘future leaders’ who responded to this survey will have something to say about that. Their awareness about climate change is impressive, seeing it as an extremely urgent, potentially life-threatening phenomenon, not something to be kicked further off into the long grass. And there is a lot of evidence here that is certainly the most environmentally-aware generation we’ve ever seen.

But their responses also show us that is a transitional generation, with one foot planted confidently in the low–carbon environment-friendly economy of the future, but the other still rooted in today’s high-speed, high consumption, carbon-intensive lifestyles. So emissions from aviation are quite rightly fingered as a growing problem, but perish the thought that this means they’ll end up flying a lot less than their parents!

But for those seeking their own ‘reasons to be hopeful’, in the face of growing ecological doom and gloom, there is a huge amount to be optimistic about in this survey. As far as most of our future leaders are concerned, their glasses are undoubtedly half full when they look out on the world ahead. And long may it stay that way.

Para mi después de leerla, solo me queda una pregunta; 

¿Cómo podemos aprovechar, los países emergentes, con economías crecientes; el conocimiento y experiencia de países desarrollado para no cometer sus errores -es decir brincar sus fallas- y generar innovaciones que 'mejoren' la vida de todos los ciudadanos del territorio en cuestión?

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